Famous Person

For this assignment, we had shoot a portrait of someone who has had media attention but is not affiliated with BU.  Examples were writers, politicians, professional athletes, musicians, etc.  A story must have been published on this person. For my famous person, I picked a friend, Luke Sorenson. He is the founder of two apps and was… Continue reading Famous Person



Shooting Color and Toning Black & White Images With Filters For our seventh assignment, we were finally allowed to shoot in color. We were tasked to shoot a color photograph with strong and contrasting color and process that image three ways: tone with correct color balance and saturation – neutral colors like white or gray… Continue reading Color

Night Photography

For our fifth assignment of the semester, we had the fun assignment of taking photographs at night.  We were asked to take three photos of incident light and three of reflected light. Incident light is direct light and reflected light was an image where the original light source isn't shown. We used tripods for this… Continue reading Night Photography

Depth of Field

For our second assignment, we were assigned to do a shoot with where we focused on depth of field and the effect of focusing the background. We had to shoot a portrait of a subject from eight to ten feet away with an interesting background and have a large distance behind the subject with good… Continue reading Depth of Field