Final Project

For my final project, I chose to shoot the Yankees – Red Sox Rivalry. The rivalry has been going on for about 100 seasons and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.  I went to the game at Fenway Park on Wednesday April 26th and took pictures of the game and the fans, from both sides. I thought this was a really interesting event to shoot and get the interaction of the fans, of what I think, is the most dynamic sports rivalry in any sport. I was able to get pictures of a few players and interview a few fans about their experience and their favorite part of Fenway, and the game itself.

The better team, (The Yankees) of course, won and I enjoyed a hot dog in one of the greatest baseball stadiums in the country.

Sal, a Fenway enthusiast, enjoying what he claims is the best hot dog at the park. Shot on April 26th 2017.
A couple outside of Fenway on April 26th 2017. Katie is a die hard Red Sox fan and her boyfriend José is a NYer through and through. But they somehow make it work.
Michael Cataldo says he has the best job in the world and he’s been doing it for years. He’s a integral part of Fenway Park operations. Shot on April 26th 2017.
Matt Smith talking about his experience coming to Fenway for years as a Yankee fan. He said people are way harsher outside of Fenway but once you step foot inside the park, people couldn’t be more accepting. Shot on April 26th 2017.
Two rookie players checking out the stands while the score was 0-0 and Sox fans were heckling the Yanks. Shot on April 26th 2017.
Raf Ayala, a Red Sox fan, surrounded by Yankee fans after a run was just scored on April 26th 2017.
A silhouette of two friends, Alex Ozdamar and Dan Solworth watching the game on April 26th 2017.
Aaron Judge, Matt Holiday and Didi Gregorious returning to the dugout after a successful inning in the field. Shot on April 26th 2017.
Yankee fans standing in the Red Sox fan section, from left to right, Joey Nickerson, Matt Lewis, Harrison Jones and Cubs fan George Marley right before the Yankees won. Shot on April 26th 2017.
Aaron Judge, or “The Judge” on his 25th birthday after his epic game on April 26th 2017. He scored the only run of the game and had an amazing catch.